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Get time tracking records



Get time tracking records


Query Parameters

    Contract guid

    Guid of the Contract.

    Subcontract guid

    Guid of the Subcontract.

    Activity guid

    Guid of the Activity.

    From date-time

    Date from, example value: 2018-07-25

    To date-time

    Date to, example value: 2018-07-25

    ContinuationToken string

    Token is needed, unless all records have been returned in previous request. Do not forget to pass also all other parameters.



    ContinuationToken stringnullable
    Items object[]nullable
  • Array [
  • Guid guid
    Revision int64
    PersonCreated guidnullable
    PersonChanged guidnullable
    TimestampCreated date-timenullable
    TimestampChanged date-timenullable
    CustomFields objectnullable
    Person guid
    Date date
    From date-timenullable
    To date-timenullable
    Hours durationnullablerequired
    Activity guid
    Description stringnullable
    Contract guidnullable
    Subcontract guidnullable
    Location stringnullable
    EndLocation stringnullable
    Billable boolean
    CostRate decimalnullable
    BillingRate decimalnullable
    CostPrice decimalnullable
    BillingPrice decimalnullable
    ExternalKey stringnullable
  • ]