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Get subcontracts by contract

Get subcontracts by contract

Path Parameters
  • contractGuid guid required
Query Parameters
  • ContinuationToken string

    Token is needed, unless all records have been returned in previous request. Do not forget to pass also all other parameters.



  • ContinuationToken string nullable
  • Items object[] nullable
  • Array [
  • Guid guid
  • Revision int64
  • PersonCreated guid nullable
  • PersonChanged guid nullable
  • TimestampCreated date-time nullable
  • TimestampChanged date-time nullable
  • Name string nullable required
  • Code string nullable
  • Contract guid
  • Description string nullable
  • EndDate date nullable
  • Billable BillableFlags

    Possible values: [None, Billable, ChangeAllowed, BillableChangeAllowed]

  • Note string nullable
  • CostsPlanned int64 nullable
  • HoursPlanned int64 nullable
  • CustomFields object nullable
  • ExternalKey string nullable
  • ]